About UCF Cheer

Custom Music Intros To Announce Your Team When They Walk Out On The Floor
For all Teams who register 60 or more days before the event.  UCF will custom mix your Gym and Teams / Division name with music and SFX to play when your team walks out on the floor.


Score Sheet
Each category, for example, Jumps, Running Tumbling, Standing Tumbling, Partner Stunts, Pyramids, Dance, Motions, etc., has TWO score categories.  One for Execution and one for "Level of Difficulty."  This gives a more accurate score and will reward the teams that have a higher "Level of Difficulty" all around instead of one skill category.  Other companies give one score for "Level of Difficulty," and many times a judge will give a high "Level of Difficulty" score to a team who is good in only ONE SKILL CATEGORY.  Also, by breaking down the "Level of Difficulty," the Level 1-5 teams can score a maximum number of points in the execution category, and the restrictions for Level play will cap the "Level of Difficulty" score.


The Most Sought After Awards
Our First Place Trophies are the BOMB!!!!  Last year people were fighting to get one of the most sought after trophies in the industry.  However—Every team is important, and every team is a winner for even getting on the floor and competing. Every team that competes at a UCF event receives an award!


Winning Team Participants Get Prizes
Not only will each winning team receive a UCF National Championship Trophy and a National Championship Banner, all participants on each team that wins their division will receive National Champion T shirts (prizes will vary at events).


Coaches Get Prizes

UCF also wants to involve the coaches in the prize giveaways!  Two coaches from each National Champion Team will receive a T shirt for winning their division.  Also, we are having a coaches reception on Saturday Night for the coaches to meet one another and relax.  UCF will provide beverages!


Adding More Entertainment And Activities For Participants
UCF will not only have a great Dance Party for the kids at Jillians, movie night in the arena on Saturday night for the kids, but we also offer a UCF Movie Night for kid so parents can have the night out at all UCF Events.  Also we have a camera backstage to put the kids on the big screens to pump the crowd up before the go one.  One more way to make them feel like stars!!!! 


Great Warm-Up Facilities With Plenty Of Time
All UCF Events will have long warm-up times with plenty of time to relax and prepare so you team has the best opportunity to give their best performance.


Deposit And Final Payment Deadline:
A deposit is not required. Individuals and Partner Stunt groups need to pay the full balance 30 days prior to a national event. All checks received after the 30-day deadline will need to be a certified check.


Cancellation Policy:
In order to cancel your team's entry, UCF must have a Notice of Cancellation IN WRITING, postmarked by the assigned date: postmarked 30 days or more before event for a Full Refund, postmarked between 14 to 29 days before event for a 50% Refund. Within 14 days, there is NO REFUND! All cancellation notices must be sent certified mail.  Note: You must call and put in writing the request for cancellation. Written requests MUST be Post-Marked by the cancellation deadlines.


Combining Divisions:
Remember, UCF reserves the right to combine divisions.  Divisions with 4 teams or less will be combined with the closest division to their skill level and age.  We will always make sure the divisions are fair, and we will always call to let you know if this action is needed.